"Scruffles" does a bizillion birthday parties each year and gets called back to the same kids birthday year after year. What is his secret? As you already know, it is the AMAZING BALLOON CREATIONS that the kids love and that the parents remember and even request for themselves. This is for parties with 30 kids per hour.

At birthday parties of under 20 kids per hour, "Scruffles" also does WASHABLE TATTOOS which are a big hit as the kids get to go through a big album and select their own tattoos. "Scruffles" has found this is less time consuming and the kids actually enjoy the end result as they can see and show off the tattoo on their arm in lieu of face painting which they can't.

Additionally, in a party of 10 kids per hour "Scruffles" also plays his MAGIC WAND GAME. This is kind of like a piņata idea where "Scruffles" brings balloons to the party which are stuffed with gifts and toys. The kids all have a turn with the magic wand to pop a balloon and keep the goodies inside.

Usually at the end of the party if you have a birthday cake and bring it out, "Scruffles" brings along a cassette player and plays Happy Birthday and gets everyone to sing along and poses for pictures. He then presents the birthday child with a special "keepsake certificate" of Scruffles.

It is a fun filled, memorable party that you will want to repeat !!!